Ford Mustang goes Electric

ford mustang charge
ford mustang charge

The 60s Ford Mustang is going electric, thanks to a massive project by a UK company to update the classic car. The crew that made it possible is made up of former McLaren, Williams F1 and JLR engineers.

Electrification seems to be every automaker’s favorite subject these days so it’s not surprising to see more those project in future.

The lucky future owners can expect:

  • 300 kilowatt electric motor

  •  64 kilowatt-hour battery pack

  • 50 kW DC Charging

  •  0 to 100 km/h acceleration in 3.09 seconds with an impressive 200km travel range

  • 7,500 Nm of wheel torque and 1,200 Nm of motor torque

UK-based startup Charge is working on a brilliant fully electric version of one of the most well-loved vintage cars of the 20th century: the 1960s Ford Mustang. And as proof of how much time, sweat and labor will go into the project, the company is planning to make only 499 of the electric Mustangs available.

ford mustang charge
ford mustang charge

To help turn their vision into a reality, the company has made the wise decision to work with electric vehicle company Arrival, a London-based company which developed a sleek and modern smart electric van as well as the AI-based racing platform Roborace.

Beyond the operational side of things, Charge also plans to equip the cars with both all-wheel AWD or real-wheel drive RWD modes, and a large touchscreen will be used to allow drivers to easily switch between the two modes.

The personalized digital interface in the interior will be the strongest symbol of returning “the classic vehicle back to the cutting edge once again.”

Test drives will start in 2019 march – september

ford mustang charge front
ford mustang charge front

For insurance purposes, the company is now accepting £5,000 (about $6,400) deposits. The souped-up automobiles will be priced starting at around a hefty £200,000 (about $255,000), and Charge hopes to begin making shipments in September of next year.

A Mustang without an all-American V8 surely must be a sacrilege to the good ol’ pony car.

Personal opinion

well.. for the start of electric era is kinda expensive more than 250k only for Ford Mustang design. Tesla model 3 cost less than 50k and has 310 miles (500 km) and other great features.

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