BMW 3 Series M340i black front

2019 BMW 3 Series M340i

November 20, 2018 Mike 0

BMW announces the debut of the first M340i in history. The propulsion is provided by a 382 hp engine. Less than a month and a half […]


BMW 225xe Review

September 21, 2018 Mike 0

BMW 225xe Active Tourer 1.5 hibrid 224 cp Performance  Acceleration: surprisingly, but the car needs only 6.7 seconds to hit 100 km / h with […]

mercedes-amg gt 4-door coupe red

Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe

September 19, 2018 Mike 0

The new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe entered the production. The Germans also released an entry-level version. It has a 3.0 liter engine capable of 367 horsepower. Mercedes-Benz […]


New 8 Series Cabriolet

September 19, 2018 Mike 0

They pulled her out on the streets. This is how BMW’s most beautiful and luxurious convertible. It could be presented before the Paris Motor Show. […]