BMW 225xe Review


BMW 225xe Active Tourer 1.5 hibrid 224 cp


Acceleration: surprisingly, but the car needs only 6.7 seconds to hit 100 km / h with both active engines and the maximum speed possible is just over 200 km / h;

Brake: The brakes are performance, with discs on all wheels, supported by ABS, ESP, and high-speed braking is extremely fast;

Suspensions: We have some very comfortable suspensions for walking in the city and rigid enough for a twisted road.

BMW 225xe specs

  • Fuel: gas
  • Engine: 1499 cmc
  • Power: 224 hp
  • 385 Nm
  • 0 – 100km/h(0-60mph) 6.7 sec
  • Top speed: 202km/h
  • Traction: AWD
  • Weight: 1735 kg
  • Seats: 5
  • Doors: 5
  • Euro NCAP: 5*
  • Price: 37,188


I never understood why you are manufacturing or buying a small, hybrid, extremely expensive car. In fact, I have not understood so far why you want to buy a hybrid drive: still polluted, consumption is not the smallest and the price paid is a bit big. So I can not figure out where to fit the BMW 225xe, anywhere other than the “freaks” chapter. This is the kind of car that no one would buy in Romania. Because at first glance it has more shortcomings than advantages. So I wanted to test it.

The BMW 2 Series must be mentioned as the first BMW front-wheel drive. He was looked up with a high eyebrow, but appreciated at the same time. But it did not have a huge success on the market. And because it is a kind of Bavarian “rebel”, but also because it looks like anything else, not like a true BMW, neither Romania has received it with its open arms.


It is said to be monovolum. But I would rather call it a hatchback. Maybe the Gran Tourer version deserves this name, but not the little Active Tourer that’s just a simple hatchback and nothing more, anyway you would look it. And it’s not the most attractive car in the Mall’s parking lot, with the shape of an egg with the BMW grille and 18-inch wheels. It is perhaps the first BMW that wants to be just a car, practice, that does not want to impress anyone, without stating, that you could say is any brand if it does not have the tradable logo. It’s a simple car, not a BMW.


The interior is much closer to what we see in the rest of the German range. Here we find the premium interior for which you pay so much money with semi-digital dashboards, the multimedia navigation system in the middle of the board, control with a joystick on the console, a M mark on both sides, leather, quality, aluminum ornaments . The seats are comfortable, with a sporty tint, the steering wheel is round and classic, the steering wheel is quite high. If you enter the eye in the passenger compartment you can say that you have entered a real BMW.



The 400-liter capacity of the trunk is quite large for a compact hatchback. Normally, a monovolum would have had more. The space for the rear seats is quite generous, but the best part is that the place on the top, that is, at the head, is really great. There are places for storage, but not as a supposed monovolum. For example, seats on the back of the seats do not exist, nor are places for bottles or glasses for rear passengers. We talk about decent, but not bright space …


Like any hybrid car, the BMW 225xe also has two engines. A 1.5 liter gasoline engine that offers 136 hp and an 88 hp electric motor. In total, the power is 224 hp. But this power does not always feel, because you will only go electric, but only thermally, only in rare cases you will go with both when the battery is well loaded to allow you to pull both propellers. The gasoline engine is a conventional turbo, which, if it goes alone, without electrical help, feels extremely lazy as it has to pull over 1700 kilos. In turn, the 88 hp electric engine feels more incisive, responds faster and manages to push the car over 130 km / h. The best version is when the “engine” actually turns into “motors” and goes along with the well-charged battery.



The 6-speed automatic box is all you need to know. It is a family car, city, not performance, so the box counts too little. Anyway, change quickly, behave excellently under all conditions, while when you are electric, everything becomes even trivial: without a box, acceleration continues like a kart without changing any gear. We do not have paddles on the wheel, but if we want to change more sporty, we can move the lever for manual change. There is also a way of operating Sport that will make the stairs change at a higher speed.

On the road

It may seem like a strange BMW car, a compact hatchback, a city car, as you want to say. But the outfit takes the thought of BMW. I’ve been driving a 2-time Active Tourer in the past, the simple, front-wheel drive that surprised me. And this hybrid, with 4×4, much harder, did not disappoint him either. The feeling it gives you is the very stable car, probably because of the center of gravity, with the batteries of the electric system, which makes it more sporty than you think.



Maybe he has a few minuses on this car, but the visibility is very good. For example, the front side doors have triangular windows on the pole that allow the driver to see excellent parts, ensure pedestrian crossings and better see what cars come from the sidewalks. In the rear-view mirror it is well seen through the large rear window, the side mirrors are oversized, and for the parking lots you have the sensors and the turn-up camera. It is clear that BMW has worked hard enough to give the driver optimum visibility, perhaps because a mother or a father will surely be driving, and on the back seats children.


The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer was tested by Euro NCAP and received maximum safety score. Even if it did not test the hybrid version, the car went well after impact tests, providing good protection for adults, minors or auxiliary safety systems. The car comes with an impact assistance system, dead corner assistance and tread alarm alerts plus classic ESP, ABS, Emergency Brake Assist, wheel pressure sensors and Isofix system.



Like any BMW that respects, 225 does not stand out on the side. The model we tested, a highly-equipped, specially configured for press tests, came with adaptive LED headlamps, 18-inch alloy wheels fitted with MICHELIN tires, mixed leather-textile upholstery, electric windows, electric hook, automatic pilot, climate double-wing, electronic hand brake, navigation, M leather steering wheel, heated seats, ECO modes, Comfort, Sport, quick loader, electric folding mirrors, key lock, keyless go.


Officially, the consumption of this machine is 2.3 liters in mixed mode. In reality, it’s not like that. The figure given by the manufacturer is whether, from 100 kilometers, you will pass 40 fully electric and the rest of the car, that is to say with the thermal and electric motors. But in reality you’re doing about 25 kilometers 100% electric with the battery charged to the maximum, then the petrol engine starts. Our average after a Bucharest-Constanta road and return was 6 liters. It’s even better, but it’s a bit hard … It’s a good thing, but it’s as good as a diesel that’s not a hybrid and it’s cheaper.


37,188 is the cost of a BMW 225xe. The model we tested was more expensive because of the extra equipment, but we do not know how much. A fairly high price for a hard to understand machine and limited use. But still we are talking about a premium car with the latest technology that, properly exploited, might be worth it. Below we talk about the purpose of a reality in Romania.


It’s quite difficult to adapt to such a hybrid. Electric only goes a little, and when the engines run in parallel, you have a low, but not an amazing consumption. You do not save the planet, because you still have a polluting engine, so you can not say you buy it to be on the green tree side. And it is not cheap either. If you go over pollution-related ethical issues, at 37,000 Euros, dozens of more cheap, more affordable and even more economical diesel variants.

But a hybrid like 225x is about something else. You send out a clear message that you want to be different. Not so different as to buy an i3, because you still want to get out of the country or go long without stopping. But special enough to try new things and to be one step in the future. Even though in the Romanian reality where the filling stations are missing and the needs are different, there are much more practical and better alternatives from any point of view.

Author: Mike